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Have you visited StellaJane Interiors?

​Stella Jane Interiors' passion is to share a collection of statement interiors and 'pieces' that are seamless in their beauty, quality and design. Things that make you go WOW! 

Add the colour, the texture and the detail with home décor and furnishings that reflect back your authentic self. Create your magic place; a haven where dreams a made, memories live on and a life is lived. Transforming spaces with stylish interiors that conjure simplicity and harness the beauty of functionality and design to create a comfortable space that looks beautiful. Understate it, overstate It, be brave and add the colour the texture and the detail in home decor and furnishings that reflects back your authentic self to create a magic place, a haven where dreams are made, memories live on and a life is lived. It's a wonderful life!

StellaJane Interiors
337 Toorak Road South

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