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Coffee at its Best

​Coffee Geek Brewers is a family business we started in 2015 after taking over a business that had run in the same location. 

Our passion is brewing coffee to it's perfection - not just mediocrity.  This passion has lead us to going through a lot of learning experience, mistakes, and expert mentoring until finally we can proudly pronounce ourselves as a speciality coffee brewer.

 We next re-modelled our shop into a speciality coffee brewer shop. Since March this year, 2017, we have called ourselves Coffee Geek Brewers. We are brewing Speciality Coffee Blends, Single Origin and Filter Blend with these methods: Modified Espresso Machine, Pour Over Filter, Batch Brew Filter, and Cold Filter. Two options of coffee blends and rotating different single origins are the available as options for espresso based coffees. 

We have a tasty delicious food menu that includes jaffles, toasties and bagels.  We also make fresh to your order preferences.  

Room for improvement will always be there and your kind honest feedback will always be accepted gratefully. 

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @coffee.geek.brewers 

Coffee Geek Brewers 
81 Davis Avenue,
South Yarra.
Weekdays from 7am to 3pm
Tel: 0490 808 822

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